In a recent post, we discussed the benefits of having a bookkeeper for your business. WHY is it beneficial to have your bookkeeper and tax accountant all in one place, from the same firm? We are sooooo glad you asked… 

What’s the difference?

Bookkeeper – handles the day to day transactions for a small business, as well as financial reports. They keep the financial records for a business, and records the accounts and transactions of a business. Click here to see more benefits. 

Accountant – prepares tax returns, tax planning and more in-depth financial analysis of the bookkeeper’s reports. They keep the financial records of a business or an individual, and in charge of public or private accounts. 

Why is having BOTH for your business beneficial? 

Two types of financial professionals are better than one – Both roles help you and your business. Having a team of a bookkeeper and accountant from the same place will help give you more insight into the business’ financial strategic planning. Because they are both deeply aware of your financials, they can work as a team to help you better your business. 

Get more support When you have both your bookkeeper and tax accountant communicating regularly, you get more help and support for your business. 

Save time – Having your accountant and bookkeeper at one firm helps you save time and management. They already have security measurements and communication procedures in place, so you can save time in communicating between different firms. 

Checks and balances Because you have two pairs of eyes on your financial reports from both your accountant and bookkeeper, you are provided with better protection against errors. 

Gold Standard Tax & Accounting has a team of accountants and bookkeepers that work hand-in-hand to provide you and your business with incredible support – not only during tax season, but throughout the whole year. Questions about taxes or bookkeeping? Just ask one of the #GoldenGirls.