Would You Like to Get
to Know the "Golden Girls"?

We love and prioritize our clients.
We would like to introduce ourselves in case we haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet. 

Our name says it all. Gold Standard Tax & Accounting really is the gold standard of a full service tax accounting firm.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive set of financial services, but our clients also enjoy a highly personalized experience with those that are handling their finances. Would you like to meet our team?

Rachel Rubin is the owner of Gold Standard Tax & Accounting, and our fearless leader. Rachel has over 12 years of experience as a tax accountant, is highly detail oriented and places a high value on polish and professionalism. Throughout her career, she has observed many things that create a positive experience for clients. She has also noted a few things that detract from that experience. She started Gold Standard in 2014 with that ideal client experience in mind.

As Head Bookkeeper, Stephanie Roberts leads our bookkeeping and payroll team. She is passionate about people and enjoys being able to help them understand their finances. Stephanie has over 11 years working in the field and  her skill shines through almost as brightly as her kind and friendly personality.

Candace Matthews has been with Gold Standard since it's inception in 2014 and brings experience and a strong eye for detail to the team. She is studious and adds depth to our ongoing tax research. 

These three women are truly tenacious in business, but always bring a genuine interest to each client interaction. 

We have many others who are on our team, you can CLICK HERE to view the "About Us" page to get to know them all. 

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