Fighting Against Identity Theft

The IRS recently announced a "Boost Security Immunity: Fight Against Identity Theft" project.
Security Summit Partners (the IRS, state tac agencies, and the nation's tax community) have worked each summer at this effort for now six years in a row.

The IRS has reached out to tax professionals to ask them to continue to work with them to fight against identity theft. 

And we at Gold Standard Tax & Accounting take this effort very seriously. 

We have the highest security measures in place to ensure our data is always protected.  

But what can you personally do to protect yourself?

Here are a few tips:

1. Beware of unknown phone numbers

Lately, scammers have been using calling systems more and more it seems. 

Many will even ask outright for your social security number, and threaten that you could lose money if you do not give it. 

Or they claim you have already been scammed and they are trying to "help" you. 

Do not be fooled. 

Be cautious for any incoming numbers you do not recognize. 

The IRS will never contact you via phone - only by letter. 

If they claim to be your bank and it seems credible, you can always hang up and call your bank yourself. They would have the same claim on file if it is true. 

Never give out personal information over the phone unless you are 100% sure of their credibility.

2. Use strong passwords on accounts and devices

Use passwords that cannot be easily guessed for important accounts such as banking, insurance, etc. 

Even on your computer, phone, and tablet - chose a password that is not easily recognizable. 

If you have important documents or information, make sure that they are encrypted and not easily found. 

3. Do not click on emails that look like spam

Be cautious when opening any emails to your device that you are unsure about the sender. 

Scammers sometimes use attachments or files that are actually computer viruses. 

If you are unsure of the sender, either do not open the email at all or search the sender first. 

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