What is the Earned Income Tax Credit?

Did you know you may qualify to benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?

Soooo... what is this credit?

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax credit that has actually helped millions of taxpayers in the past... by getting them more money back. 

I mean, who doesn't want more money in their pocket, right??

Who qualifies:

Grandparents - 

If you are a grandparent who works and are also raising your grandchildren, you can benefit from this credit. 

Because the EITC is a refundable credit, you are able to pay less federal tax, pay no tax, or even get a tax refund if you qualify. 

To qualify, you must be:

-A grandparent who has a qualifying child and also works, even if you are 65 years+ old.
-Your grandchild needs to meet the EITC qualifications
-If your other family members also qualify for the EITC, special rules or restrictions may apply. 
-You need to file a tax return and claim this credit even if you don't owe any tax

People living in rural areas:

If you live in a small town or an area that is considered "rural", you may qualify for the EITC. 

To qualify, here is what you need to know:

-Because this credit is refundable, you could pay less federal tax, no tax, or even get a refund if you qualify 
-You must file a tax return even if you don't owe any tax
-If you are not married, are working, do not have a qualifying child, and earn less than $15,570 you may qualify for a smaller amount of the credit

Native Americans:

If you meet these basic rules you may qualify - 

-You must receive income as an employee, or from owning or operating your own business, which also includes home-based businesses. 

We hope that this helps you determine if you qualify! Of course you can always visit www.irs.gov to find out more information or ask one of us #GoldenGirls.

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