Well we cannot believe October is here already! And that means your extension (if you filed one) is almost up for this year. Here are five reminders for those of you who haven’t yet filed your tax return:


ONE: File by October 16th

If you have an extension, you need to file your tax return by October 16th. If you owe, you should pay as much as possible to limit interest and any penalties. You can use the IRS direct pay system, or consider an installment agreement to pay over time. 

TWO: More Time in Disaster Areas 

If you filed an extension and live/work in a disaster area, you may have more time to file. You can check out the IRS.gov website to see exactly what disaster areas have this provision. 

THREE: Use Direct Deposit

For the fastest way to get your refund, combine direct deposit and e-file. 

FOUR: Use IRS Online Payment Options

If you still owe taxes, you can use IRS Direct Pay, which may be the easiest way for you to pay your tax return. You can always visit the website or ask us for other options. 

FIVE: Keep a Copy of Your Tax Return

You should always keep a copy of your tax return and supporting documents for at least 3 years. This will help make next year’s tax return easier, as you may need the adjusted gross income amount from your 2016 return for example.