When it comes to money, successful stay-at-home-moms always know where it’s at.  They have become the experts on living off of one income and are on an endless search for ways to save.  Sometimes their ways would be considered extreme by some; it’s okay if you’re not in to making your own laundry soap.  However, perusing mommy blogs for money saving tips has become a favorite pastime.  Here is a list of practical things you can do today:

1. Leftovers

Get your lunch bag ready the night before:  make a delicious meal for dinner (cooking at home saves money) and pack it up as you are cleaning up from dinner.  Having your lunch ready to grab from the fridge in the morning saves you time, stress and money.  And isn’t there a sense of accomplishment by bringing your lunch to work?

2. Eating Out

Let’s face it, just because it is cheaper to cook at home doesn’t mean it is always fun to eat at home.  Sometimes going out to eat is on the agenda.  Save money and save your waist by eating half of your meal at the restaurant and the other half for lunch the next day.  Two meals for the price of one, 50% less calories. Winning.

3. Cable

Evaluate whether this is something you really need.  Most cable plans start somewhere around $50.00 a month.  Take the plunge and try life without cable.  Most network stations have apps where you can stream your favorite shows.  Hulu and Netflix are inexpensive alternatives.  Try cutting out cable for 6 months.  You may wonder what took you so long.

4. Groceries

Stick to a list, not a coupon.  Couponing is great for the frugal, but for the overspender it can be a slippery slope.  A sure way to save is to write your list ahead of time and stick to it.  Also, never ever go to the store hungry.

5. Save

Everyone knows having a piggy bank is a great idea.  Making sure you are saving in a clear container is even better.  This allows you to see your progress.  A clear container makes it exciting to put bills in instead of just coins.  Entire vacations have been taken using this method.  It works,  Start one today.

What are your tips?  We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section.  Happy Saving!