I know, I know… it is only November. Why oh WHY would we start to talk about taxes right now? 

Well, think of it this way: The more organized you are for your taxes, the sooner you can get your information to us, the quicker we can get you filed… which means the quicker you can get your tax refund. 

That’s right – think about that tax refund to get you motivated! 

What you can do:

ONE. Organize your records

Start collecting any all necessary tax information, records, and files you think may be necessary. 

TWO. Check your withholding

Ensure you withholding for your tax payment is correct, and make any adjustments necessary or tax payments. 

THREE. If you have an expired individual taxpayer identification number, be sure to renew it

FOUR. Prepare for your tax refund

We aren’t just talking about what you are going to do with that money when you get it, but also to prepare for it online. You can combine your direct deposit with your electronic filing, which is the fastest way to get your refund, according to the IRS website. 

The IRS prepared a webpage for this very occasion: CLICK HERE to access the IRS website which shows you which steps to take to be prepared for the upcoming tax year. 

And of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the #GoldenGirls. 

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*Information obtained from the IRS website