money quoteIt is very easy to look at wealthy people and think that they are just lucky.  While it is true that circumstances vary, people who are truly wealthy (not those who just appear wealthy) work very hard at their money.

Having a budget is key to keeping yourself financially healthy.  Just like eating a serving of vegetables one time in your life won’t make you healthy, creating a budget just one time in your life will not do the trick.  Examining and reevaluating your budget is an ongoing process.  Circumstances change in life and so will your budget.  Wealthy people understand this principle.  They know how much money they have and they don’t spend it frivolously.  Don’t just go thru the motions with your wallet, live mindfully.  Know how much you have, where it is at, and make your money work for you.

Take these easy steps to start:

1. What is your income for this month?

2. Subtract your NECESSARY expenses.

3. With what you have left over, decide how much you put aside in savings.

4. Keep a small percentage of that for a little fun.  Disclaimer on this:  Fun money is like cake, a little is good but a lot makes you sick.

You don’t have to be a genius to have a budget.  You just have to take a little time to think it thru and then follow thru.