Some Exciting Changes

I'm sure you've noticed that Gold Standard is an always evolving and changing business and we love taking you along that journey with us.

Well, we are very excited to share some happy news with you:

Brick and Mortar

That's right! In early fall 2023, Gold Standard Tax & Accounting will be opening the doors of its very first brick and mortar office!

Over the past few years, our remote team has done an amazing job of maintaining professionalism and keeping our signature personal touch. One of the things we're most excited to see is how working in person as a team will allow us to elevate these standards even higher.


With this new space, we are having a lot of fun playing with fresh ideas to expand our services to you.

Keep an eye out for new content, features, and services!

Thank You

Most importantly, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey. Your support is so meaningful, and your enthusiasm is contagious!

For the eightieth time, we are just so excited to share it all with you!! Stay tuned!

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