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The Gold Standard of gathering financial data

Businesses thrive on good reports...

Gathering and interpreting financial data is essential to the success of all profitable organizations. 

We are here to help you succeed in every area of your business - and that includes necessary and helpful reporting. 

We offer our clients financial and accounting reporting unique to particular situations, industries, and niches, as found below...

Enitity Registration

Our top tier service comes with a corporate book, custome seal, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your registration was processed by professionals.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Staying compliant should never be overlooked, even for small business owners. This service includes annual meeting minutes customized to your company.

Tax Credit Study Report

The Research and Development tax credit is for taxpayers of any size that design, develop, or improve products, processes, techniques, formulas, or software. The report calculates the amount of credit available based on research activities and expenditures. 

QuickBooks Training

Teach the fundamentals of how to use the software and basic bookkeeping features.

1099 Form Preparation

Prepare 1099 forms and issue copies of the forms to the payee, payer, and government. 

Sales Tax Form Filing 

File out and submit a sales tax form to the state agency.

Vendor Bill Pay

Review of invoice to authorize payment and insurance of payment for bill to vendor.

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