inch by inch


“Inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard life is hard.”  This is a phrase that many children grow up hearing.  Usually mothers are trying to help their kids understand that  not waiting until the last day of winter break to start your homework is the best way to live your life.  Doing chores as they come instead of waiting until the last minute is the way to go.

As adults, we do not always like to follow this advice.  Tax season, for example, commenced with the beginning of January.  Many people like to bury their head in the sand and not think about it for a few more months, creating a yard by yard situation.  Thinking about taxes and tackling them head on right now will create a “lie’s a cinch” scenario.

The beginning of the year is also the time to think about your bookkeeping habits.  If you have been reluctant in the past to hire a bookkeeper, starting your books fresh in January is the simplest way to go.  Making this small step today can have a big impact on your life in the months and tax season to come.

Make your mother proud and your life a cinch.  Tackle these two steps today by reviewing our “SERVICES” menu!