In life, timing is everything.

Experienced travelers know that a great time to travel is the off season.  Hotels and flights can be found at discounted rates, crowds can be avoided, and stress can be alleviated.  Expert shoppers know to wait for clothing to go on clearance at the end of the season, and then they combine clearance with a 20% off coupon they found online.  Not only are these individuals well dressed and relaxed, but they have extra cash in their pockets and the knowledge that they have somehow beat the system.

Did you know there is a similar sweet spot for your business’ tax and financial needs?

The masses start to really worry about taxes and the fact that they haven’t reconciled their bank account in 10 months right around March.  Right around then tax and accounting offices get flooded with frantic phone calls.  This is not really fun for anyone.

October 15th thru December 31st is known as the off season for an accountant.  Corporate deadlines have been met and filed.  This is the time a little extra work is welcomed.  This is the time to call your accountant and let them know about the fact that you maybe have let your books go.  This is the time to meet with your financial adviser to go over the health of your business.

Hit the sweet spot now and miss the year end rush.  While everyone else is having a panic attack over tax deadlines you will be able to enjoy spring break with your family.  You will have the smug satisfaction of appearing cool, calm and collected.  You can know that you have beat the system.  You are an expert at business.