Unfortunately, identity theft and fraud are real. BUT we are dedicated to helping you keep your information as safe as possible during this Tax Season, and year round. 

Here are some top ways to bring your safety A-Game this season… 

ONE: Ask Before You Share

If you are asked for some important information (for example, your social security number) – stop and think. Does this company TRULY need this information? Is the website on a secure server? Ask why that information is needed and also what systems are in place to protect it. 

TWO: The IRS Does Not Call or Email

Do not respond to “IRS” calls or emails. If the IRS needs to get into contact with you, they will send you mail via snail mail. Do not respond to unsolicited emails or calls that ask for sensitive information or asks you to click on a link. Click here for more information on protecting yourself from potential scams. 

THREE: Protect Your Device

It is beneficial to keep security software on your devices and make sure that it is updated. For example, ensure that your smart phone requires a password to unlock it (and make sure it is a difficult one… I am talking to you “1234” password people :))

FOUR: Use Unique Passwords

Speaking of passwords, ensure that all of your passwords are UNIQUE – sometimes just “strong passwords” are not enough. Up your symbol and capitalized letter game. You can even use free sites to generate a random scrambled password. Click here for RoboForm who does just that. 

FIVE: Be Cautious of Wifi

When dealing with sensitive information, we recommend only using wifi that is password protected and that you trust. 

If you get contacted from some fishy people fishing for information, be sure to ask us #GoldenGirls. 

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