sunPaying tax liabilities last week left many feeling a hit in their bank accounts.  There is no question that lack of money can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.  Lack of money, however, does not have to equal lack of happiness or fun.  The Golden Girls of Gold Standard Tax have put together a list of our favorite free/inexpensive things to do.  So get ready to have some fun!

Enjoy The Sun.  The end of tax season coincides with the beginning of spring time.  No matter what your bank account looks like or your job status you have the ability to go out and enjoy spring time.  Take your family or a friend for a walk.  Enjoy the birds singing (they are enjoying the sun), the blossoms on trees and breathe in the flowers (hopefully you don’t suffer from allergies…).

Date Night In.  Quality time with your loved one doesn’t have to mean a fancy night on the town.  Put a little thought and elbow grease into a date night in.  Doing something out of the norm can be just the ticket to getting over your tax day gloom.  Need some ideas?  Check out our favorite Date Night In series in the blogosphere.

Museums.  Museums frequently offer a free day to the community. For our San Diego client, check out the Balboa Park Calendar where a different museum is free every Tuesday.  Not in San Diego?  A simple google search will get you going!

Swap & Shop.  Shopping is a favorite pastime for many a woman.  If you are feeling depressed about not being able to shop after taxes, why not organize a swap and shop?  Ask a few of your friends whose style you admire to do a spring cleaning of their closet and bring them over to your house.  Set your living room up like a boutique, ask friends to bring a little bubbly, and voila, you can shop without spending a dime!

Game Night.  Instead of spending tons of money going out with your friends, host a game night at your house.  Ask for people to bring their favorite board/card games along with some snacks and drinks.  This is a sure fire recipe for laughs with good friends.

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite free pastime!